We welcome dogs of all ages and breeds! Training is all indusive and there is no set number of classes. We will continue to work with you as long as you feel it’s needed.


PRIVATE LESSONS are an unlimited lesson format to achieve off-leash control. We can tutor you to train your own dog through private lessons on a weekly basis to suite your schedule.


GROUP CLASSES are offered weekly to provide practice sessions for students of the above programs. Students are also given the option of agility training in the group classes to encourage self confidence in the dogs as well as provide exercise and stress relief. Classes are at 9:00 am on Saturdays during Spring/Summer and 10:00 am in the Fall/Winter.


PUPPY TRAINING is an introduction to obedience designed to teach socialization, housebreaking and correct behavioral problems while establishing a proper relationship between you and your dog.
*First shots are required.


IN-KENNEL TRAINING is for owners who cannot attend all or part of the various levels of obedience training with their dog. This program is accompanied by follow up lessons to ensure that owners are able to handle their dogs in the manner in which they were trained.


Snake training classes are held several times a year. This class will help prevent your dog from getting snake bit. The class takes only one time. Live snakes are used but no dog gets bit by the snake and the snake is not harmed. For more info on classes, contact us for dates and prices.

2021 Dates/Times
We will be offering monthly classes
starting in the Spring of 2021.
APRIL 17th  2021@10:30
MAY 15TH 2021@10:30

To supplement your training goals, Texas Dog Academy offers specialized training equipment to help with anxiety and obedience needs.

Our products include:

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  • Handmade Amish Leather Leashes
  • Thunder Shirts™

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